What is your building schedule?
Homes typically take about 10 months to complete with dates
 based on our current slot schedule of pre-sold homes. We are currently scheduled to have our next sold homes finished in about 15 months with the exception of Lot 103 which is about to begin and be ready in about 9 months. Find information about the process HERE.

Do you have FAQ handouts?

Yes, please click here for our most asked neighborhood questions. 

How many new homes are available now?
Currently we have 4 remaining home sites to build a customized home for you! These are available now with a direct inquiry and you will see plans on our website soon! Each one has an ocean view. See neighborhood map HERE.

How many floor plans do you offer?

We build each home to look & live a little different and to be suited for the lot and the home buyer. If you are looking for something specific, contact Suzanne and she'll send you some options to get started.

What is the process to build a new home?

After we establish price range, we discuss what you want your house to be like. How many levels do you want? How many bedrooms? Do you need a garage? Media room? Covered porch? Balconies? Ocean View? Etc. Then we look at which lot would be the best option. Once you are happy with the location, we design a complimentary house plan. We then make changes as needed and fine tune once you are happy with the basics. It is then that you would place a 10% deposit and we get started with the building process. You have a solid 2+ months to  select interior finishings. We invite you for walk throughs along the way. Once the house is completed, that's when you bring in the balance of 90% or complete your home loan. Then move in!

Are there resales?

Yes! There are always a handful of resales advertised at Olivia Beach. In addition we may know of others that might be coming up. We can give you the scoop on each of these. While most people like to pick out all their own options that a new home offers, we do understand falling in love with something already finished.

Directions to Olivia Beach

Where is Olivia Beach located? Find directions HERE.

If you are planning a visit, ask us anything. Email or text us.

What is the environment like around Olivia Beach?
Olivia Beach is located across the street from the Pacific Ocean. We are very fortunate in that the beach here is very deep and sandy with long stretches to walk. At low tide you can see pools with marine life all around the exposed rocks. We also have an incredible lake just a couple miles away where you can rent a boat. Rivers and hiking trails are all around. The rolling hills of wine country are just 45 minutes away and you are only 2 hours from downtown Portland.

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What does the local town offer?
It's true that the majority of people stay close to Olivia Beach... park their car upon arrival and find their daily enjoyment at the house, beach and in the neighborhood parks just by walking & biking. If you are looking for what to do around town, there are countless things to do! Find more information HERE. We have many restaurants that satisfy both the kids and the foodies alike. An outlet mall, antique stores, beach shops, 2 movie theaters... the list goes on!

Olivia Beach details

What is the total number of homes in the community?
While 89 homes were originally approved. We purchased adjacent land that will increase our number of home sites to 140. See neighborhood map HERE.


What are your construction standards?

You can see those details HERE.

How does financing work?

You can see those details HERE.

What is the surrounding area like?
Olivia Beach is located in the historic district of Nelscott in Lincoln City. Nelscott is one of the 6 historic business districts that compromise the seven-mile stretch of Lincoln City referred to as "the string of pearls". Find more local information HERE.

Is there beach access?
Yes! We have a staircase leading to the beach and tide pools. Additionally, one of the nicest public beach accesses in the area is just 5 blocks down, which is handicapped accessible if walking down all the steps isn't of appeal.

Are any ocean view properties available?
Yes! We have many ocean view properties that are now advertised on our website.
Please call or text for more information.

Is there really surfing at Olivia Beach?
The beach directly adjacent to Olivia Beach has an excellent sandbar setup for surfing short or long boards. Great surfing can be had at any time of the year, depending on the local weather and ocean conditions. 

Do you have a swimming pool?
Yes! We have a warm, outdoor, salt water swimming pool. This is located at the Northern Park and includes bathrooms/changing rooms and an exercise room.

What other amenities does your neighborhood have?
Our central park features playground equipment, sand volleyball court, picnic tables and a fire pit with bench seating. We even have dry firewood waiting for you! The northern park where the pool is located will have men's and women's bathrooms, a changing room, an exercise room and a small park with play equipment. The Highlands area will feature a small park with a pathway winding through the property.



I'm interested in owning a vacation rental. Is this allowed and do you have a property management company available? - YES! Olivia Beach was designed to allow nightly vacation rentals. It keeps the neighborhood feeling alive year round and affords many to buy a home here that would not otherwise pencil out. While Olivia Beach was originally set up with it's own Cottage Rental Agency, the industry has become so competitive that there are now several companies that offer services. Talking with each company and getting a rental projection as well as a good feel for the service they offer is recommended. Some owners also choose to rent privately. The best source to see all available rentals is by going to where most everyone advertises. 



Can I tour the property to see what is available?
Suzanne is our sales agents for Olivia Beach and is available by appointment 7 days a week, 9 am through dusk to show available property.  

Please call or text 541-921-1247 to set up a time.

Home Owners Association, CC&R's & Dues

Olivia Beach formed an HOA in 2014. As of January 2020 quarterly dues are $450. The fee paid by owners goes towards the care and maintenance of the common grounds to include a warm water swimming pool with lounge furniture, and exercise room, guys and girls restrooms, the central park, the northern park, the wetlands, pathways and the beach access. For a copy of our CC&R's, click here. 

Who can I contact if I have questions about the HOA?
The Management Trust 
PO Box 23099, Tigard, Oregon 97281 
503 670 8111 x 241 

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