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Erin Briggs is our Designer & Project Manager and Suzanne Palanuk our Realtor & Construction Liaison. Working  together since 2006 they embody the heart and soul of Olivia Beach, having designed and built each new home with care; creating a cohesive community out of one-of-a-kind designs.

When you first meet them, you will become fast friends, as have all their other neighbors in this beautiful coastal community.

Our Assistant Project Manager
Realtor for New Homes in Dundee, OR

Stella Schaefer is our Assistant Project Manager, and now the representing Realtor for our new homes in Dundee, OR.  Her care and attention to detail ensure operations and relationships run smoothly. Stella has a passion for Real Estate and helping others contributed to her initial decision to become a Broker and join our team. She believes building and maintaining healthy business relationships is key.  Vowing to communicate effectively, listen attentively, work hard, and follow-through ensure your experience will be well cared for. Your happiness and well-being as a client is of the utmost importance.



Walker John is the Developer/Owner of Olivia Beach LLC. With a background in real estate construction & development, Walker became excited at the prospect of building high-quality homes in timeless designs. 

"We so enjoyed every minute working

with this team."

Russell and Linda Jacques

Orange County, California

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