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Total Solar Eclipse On the Oregon Coast

Perhaps if you've been living under a rock or living off the grid, you may not have heard that the US will be hosting a total solar eclipse this summer. August 21, 2017 to be exact.

Population of cities along the coast are expected to SWELL to 3x their normal populations- and that is based on Summertime populations. If you need a place to stay, you better look fast. Many hotels are sold out already, camp sites have been booked up. Your best bet at the moment is to look for a vacation rental. We know there are some of those available!

The path of the eclipse will cross all of the continental United States, beginning on the Oregon coast and passing across Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska... with the path ending on the coasts of South Carolina and Georgia. And the 'epicenter' for viewing on the Oregon coast guessed it. Lincoln City and Depoe Bay.

Image courtesy of NASA and Google Maps

NASA is all over this, as you can imagine, and they are publishing information non-stop. Their site dedicated to the Eclipse even has a countdown clock to 'first contact' (again- that happens in Oregon).

Below is a video of the path of the 'shadow'.

Put on your protective glasses and start photographing. This event is expected to be the single most photographed and published event in social media history. May as well join in!

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